Video Summarization System

Video summarization system refers to generating a short summary of the content of a longer video clip. It involves selecting and presenting the most insightful, relevant, and useful materials for the target audience. The summary comprises a set of keyframes, or clips extracted from the original video through some editing.


Video summarization expedites browsing a large collection of video data. Watching the summary enables the viewers to make decisions on the video’s usefulness.

Key Features

  • Multi-Camera Search real-time or Offline
  • License plate recognition, Face recognition
  • Situational Awareness such as Real-time Alerts, Smart alerts
  • Multiple Watchlists and Rule Configuration
  • Classification based attributes search: vehicle type, color, clothes type and color, gender
  • Post-incident video analysis and case Management
  • People counting, crowd detection, Appearance Similarity
  • Visual layers
  • Proximity identification
  • Face mask detection

Verticals Served

Smart & Safe Cities


Law Enforcement