Radar Based Detection System

RADAR is an active transmission and reception technique in the microwave GHz range. Sensors based on RADAR help with contactless detection, tracking and positioning of one or multiple objects via electromagnetic waves. It enables accurate incident management and complete situational awareness.


Radar systems comprise long-range 360º-field-of-view. They detect and track unlimited targets via a few high-performance sensors. They ensure 24/7 surveillance, pinpoint target locations and raise alarms real threat situations. Thus, you respond to security breaches efficiently, while knowing their precise location.

Key Features

  • Multiple detection zones for multiple RADAR sensors across a fully integrated site with full PTZ control and 3D coordinates
  • Wide – area Surveillance: Controlled and restricted zones
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection: Vehicle and person tracking, animal tracking
  • Critical Part Monitoring
  • Friend and foe detection
  • Land and water detection
  • Measure velocity directly using Doppler technology
  • Cutting edge ESA technology
  • Continuous monitoring and real-time tracking of drones
  • Long-range detection for cost-effective implementation
  • High performance in all weather and light conditions

Verticals Served

Border & Defense



Oil & Gas