Law Enforcement

The law enforcement authorities of a particular city look after the safety of the city’s residents. But considering the complexities involved in ensuring safety, law enforcement professionals need security surveillance systems. These systems can help them better defend against violence, theft, espionage, etc.

Startologic crafts customized law enforcement security surveillance solutions. We configure and install advanced security solutions for prisons, police departments, and law enforcement agencies. Our solutions include alarm systems, access control systems, IP and CCTV Surveillance.

Our Technologies


Detect, Recognize, and identify the person/face


Record, Monitoring, and create situation awareness

Video Analytics

Analyze, detect, and determine

Gunshot Detection

Identify, discriminate, and locate the area of incident


Audio management, security communication and intercom


Automatic video summarization, fast navigation, and retrieval of video

Drones And Antidrones

Aerial surveillance, Mapping,


Centralized management, correlate and integrate security application