Cybersecurity threats and attacks are a constant threat. Besides, what makes them even more dangerous is that they keep evolving. While most cybersecurity threats are orchestrated virtually, bad actors don’t spare the physical space either. Here, there’s a need to develop cybersecurity physical surveillance.

Physical surveillance includes physical protection to security sensitive components like networked door call terminals, etc. It includes deploying measures like command IP secure connectors that disconnect the network connection in the case of device tampering to combat hacking attempts.

Key Features

  • Gain a quick intelligence overview of any entity within minutes, with names, contact details, emails, social accounts, locations, and more.
  • Generate a comprehensive report on any entity with one click. Easily share intelligence with colleagues.
  • Automatic collection workflows based on expert best practices help to jump-start investigations for novice users and automate repetitive steps for veteran analysts.
  • Big Data & text visualization Threat identification & scoring
  • Similar entity & relations detection
  • Federated search of external systems
  • Fine-grained permissions model

Verticals Served

Smart Cities


Data centers

Law Enforcement