Video Analytics

Video analytics refers to using existing video surveillance networks to generate searchable, actionable, and tangible intelligence from live or recorded video clips. It is driven by technologies like AI, deep learning, video intelligence software that help identify and extract objects in video. It can also provide smart video analytics like searching, filtering, alerting, data aggregation and visualization.


The conventional use of video analytics involved physical security and law enforcement agencies. But now, many others from the facility management, marketing, customer services, etc. domains have also started using it. Some features of video analytics include the following.

Key Features

  • Create multiple Detection zones in the Area of Interest.
  • Real-time video analytics on behavioral recognition systems and situational awareness.
  • Fire and Smoke detection
  • Person falling detection
  • Violence detection
  • Suspicious activity detection
  • Person or Crowd Behavior and people
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Intrusion and Loitering Detection
  • Real-time Detection and investigation
  • Real-time anomaly detection and object detection
  • Unattended object detection.

Verticals Served

Smart & Safe Cities

Oil & Gas

Border & Defense

Law Enforcement