Environmental Sensors

Environmental sensors are an effective way of dealing with and monitoring various weather conditions. The use of these sensors includes air monitoring systems (to monitor gases, air quality, odorful, pollution levels, etc.). In addition, these sensors prove to be useful in the surveillance of and monitoring of temperature levels, flood situations, air velocity, pressure, rainfall, snowfall, etc.


Environmental sensors gather real-time data and report to the data processing center, where the concerned officials can analyze the data and make decisions or issue alerts, based on the data received and the analysis done.

Key Features

  • Monitoring various critical air pollutants and gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) Ozone (O3) Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Particulate Matters (PM 2.5, PM 10, and TSP)
  • Monitoring various weather parameters like temperature, humidity, pressure, wind direction, wind speed, sound / noise, and rainfall.
  • Capable of data integration with the system and 3rd Party API
  • Support a wide range of communications such as ethernet (RJ45) /Wi-Fi/ GPRS/ LORA/ Zigbee/ RF media.

Verticals Served

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