Oil and Gas

Oil and gas industry is vulnerable to various risks, suspicious events, malfunctions, accidents, and thefts which could cause massive human as well as resource losses for the company. Relying completely on human surveillance can pose a threat owing to physical limitations! Thus, oil and gas companies require advanced security and surveillance systems that help them continuously monitor and identify suspicious activities 24/7.

At Startologic, we identify the current security needs of the oil and gas sector. Accordingly, we provide a host of security surveillance solutions that include video CCTV surveillance systems, intruder alerts, industrial damage or maintenance, night vision-enabled surveillance systems, motion-activated systems, etc.

Our Technologies


Detect, Recognize, and identify the person/face


Record, Monitoring, and create situation awareness


Centralized management, correlate and integrate security application


Automatic video summarization, fast navigation, and retrieval of video


Processing ability, Synchronization of devices

Fire & Safety

Prevention, Detection, Reporting, and alarm generating

Video Wall & VMB

Multi system monitoring, and video projection

Parking Systems

Real time parking management, area optimization, processing