Thermal Camera

A thermal camera helps capture and create an image of an object via infrared radiation that the object emits through a process termed thermal imaging. The image created signifies the object’s temperature. Thermal cameras are designed and built to endure harsh outdoor environments. They are equipped with various state-of-the-art technology that can convert thermal cameras into advanced perimeter protection systems to serve critical infrastructures.


Some advantages include advanced detection, self-protection mechanisms, proprietary imaging effects, steady long-distance transmission, etc.

Key Features

  • Full Web Server Set Up
  • High Resolution cameras
  • Optical Zoom optionsOIs.
  • Ultra-Low Light options (0.1Lux color)
  • ANPR compatible
  • High-quality accurate motors
  • Color / monochromatic
  • Analogue and IP camera options
  • Triple Slip Ring technology for preset accuracy and smooth movement
  • IR option
  • Dual IR & White Light LED
  • Wiper option with programmable wipe settings
  • Washer option
  • Inverted or upright mount
  • Unique alarm activated for enhanced CCTV Surveillance

Verticals Served

Border & Defense

Oil & Gas