We believe that Enterprise & Corporate monitoring teams face dynamic scenario managing a changing complex set of security systems & allied technologies, increased types of incidents and at the same time providing seamless individual access from gates to offices to employees, contractors & visitors. It becomes imperative to design & implement a fully-integrated, superior & seamless response mechanism for incident management with detailed customized reporting as per various hierarchical levels and stakeholders of the enterprise.

Equally important and critical are the video analytics required to match the manifestation of incidents in corporate buildings, educational campuses, commercial complexes, healthcare facilities and similar. Gone are the days where basic analytics sufficed the monitoring needs and now post event analysis as well enabling monitoring teams to respond, react or prepare as the situation calls for.

Corporate & Enterprise customers could actively use FacialRecognition application integrating with access control systems at gates, parking, offices, etc. Also this would definitely be reliable check for employee or visitor visits to predefined areas. Large enterprises could make seamless access of specific employees at locations spread all over the world.

  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Healthcare